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The Brandon Show Season 2015 Premiere

What Young Oprah Can Teach You About Where You Belong Today

Oprah Winfrey as a child.

Oprah Winfrey as a child.

I posted an interview with Oprah recently where she described being in Kindergarten and knowing that she did not belong there. She knew she was an advanced student. She could spell BIG words like ‘Nicodemus’ and ‘Mississippi.’ Oprah knew she was meant for greater and was not going to settle.

Eventually, young Oprah convinced her teachers and principal that she was right! They saw how smart she was, and indeed, she did not deserve to be in a peer group that did not reflect her level of achievement.

Watching that story made me think about my own experience in grade school. I remember being held back in First Grade. I remember my parents telling me later that my previous school and teacher thought I was too immature to continue to second grade. Ha. Boy, they thought the knew me. Can a brother play? Yes!

I remember asking my new FIRST GRADE teacher every day if I could take a test to get out of there. I remember not wanting to get comfortable where I was, because I knew, even in my little first grade mind, I wouldn’t be there long. I don’t know how many times I told kids I was leaving. I was going to take that test and SHOW THEM that I was destined to be elsewhere.

Well, I took that test. And I moved out of that first grade class and into my new homeroom. I was so happy!! I knew where I was supposed to be, and no one’s opinion about my placement mattered.

That makes me think… How many people have TOLD YOU where they think you should be? Where they think you belong? How many people have told you that you are not mature enough to move forward? That you haven’t paid your dues? That you aren’t FILL IN THE BLANK enough to go to the next level?

Well, You ARE if you Know you are. If you know yourself. If you believe in yourself. If you look around your world and know that you too belong somewhere else… it’s up to you to prove it by passing the test.

By showing up and agitating your surroundings. By not giving up. But standing in your light and exercising your talents. Because no one will believe only what you say. You have to Be It. You are the Evidence. #BetterStartsHere

SelfiEsteem Friday!

Wendy Selfie

“I love the fact that I’m different. I’m natural! I’m Southern. I’m Blunt. I’m charming. I’m a Diva without trying and I was born with star quality! I didn’t realize my worth when I was young! Kids would make fun of me all the time and some bullied me! Now, I know it was because they saw it! Smooches!”

-Rojo Loco!


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Quit My Dream or Move On (Wisdom Wednesday)

Wisdom Wednesday Banner




Dear Brandon,

How do you know when to let things go and when to keep moving? Meaning if you are working towards a goal, business or dream and each year it gets a little better but is not really taken off as you expected how do you know when you should stick to it or try something new? 



Dear Nana,

This is a question that I know many others might be considering at this very moment.

To be honest, I’ve considered it many times during the pursuit of my dreams.

If I may assume, DOUBT seems to be the central theme in your question, and the uncertainty of seeing your dreams to completion is causing you stress.

If this is true, how you are feeling right now is congruent with what you expect.

If your expectations of success is hijacked by doubt and uncertainty, then your decision to continue your goals will always be a question.

Here is what you want to know: when do you quit and when do you fight for your dream?

Clearly, in mentioning that things are getting better, you have been able to observe measurable progress with your goals.

Congratulations! Things are getting better.

Progress is an indicator that you are moving in a forward direction. Your work, dedication and steadfastness is paying off.

You have moved.

Maybe not as far as your desire, but you have moved.

In this scenario, it would be well worth your time and effort to continue the pursuit of your dreams.

Don’t forget what you have accomplished.

Let this progress motivate you in times where you are not so sure that you have made movement.

If you desire additional movement, it is never a bad idea to evaluate and strategize on how to do things better.

Figuring out ways to improve your goal output is not a problem. It’s smart.

However, I can understand the feeling of not thinking that your PROGRESS is ENOUGH.

It sounds like you have a big goal.

Keep in the forefront of your mind that the size of your goal is often equivalent to the amount of work required.

You HAVE made progress, but there is more work to be done. Your experience indicates that you are capable to continue.

So you still want to quit?

Quitting should not be your first option, and it doesn’t sound like it is.

But sometimes, SHIFTING PRIORITIES might be necessary.

I can’t tell you when you should quit, but I can give you some questions that you should consider when making that decision:

  1. Have you considered and exhausted all the alternatives for making your dreams a reality?
  2. Can you imagine and be satisfied with shifting your priorities and focus on another goal?
  3. Will you regret not sticking with your goal?
  4. Do you still want it?
  5. Do you have the capacity to continue?

If the answer to these few questions suggest a greater desire for you to move on to something else, then it might be time to quit and readjust your priorities towards other goals.

At the end of it all, make a decision that resonates in your heart. But don’t just leave it there.

Continue to make an incredible effort to either follow your dreams or adjust your priorities.

Make a decision and only look back to remind yourself to keep going.




Have a question for Brandon? Hear what he has to say! Send him an email and he may just answer it on Wisdom Wednesday. 

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Girl’s Dance Should Inspire You (Video)

Dancing Little Girl

If you haven’t seen the video of the dancing ‘Broadway Baby’ ballerina, you obviously need to work or your internet entertainment choices.


I’ve watched this adorable littler girl dance, yell and excite her way to the spotlight, and I laugh and walk away feeling GREAT every time!

And I believe you will too.

I asked myself why anyone would be so tickled by this radiant little girl and her uncoordinated-coordinated performance?

Could it be that perhaps we secretly feel exactly like she does but are too afraid to stand out on our own?

I get it.

It’s a scary thing to move to your own beat and enjoy the melody of your own life.

It’s cool to look and sound like everyone else. Step and tap according to the plan.

But how cool would it be to move through life at your own pace.

At your own speed.

At your own best performance?

It reminded me of my #88DAYSofYES in a discoteca (that’s Spanish for a place that you have to pay too much money for dancing) in Madrid, Spain.

I was in a room full of people, but I was alone.

No dance partner options. Not one who spoke enough English. Just me and my desire to DANCE the night away.

But with some self-talk, slow grooving, and closed eyes, I finally made my way to the center of the dance floor and DANCED like no tomorrow.

From that day forward, I promissed myself that I would DANCE even when I’m alone.

I would move throughout my life pop-locking to my own playlist.

I would dance like this little ballerina. Happily. Alive. And Memorably.

I would take ownership of my life and individuality.

Are you ready for your own choreography?

Dance, my friends.



SelfiEsteem Monday!

Sarah SelfiEsteem

“I love that God made me a dreamer, even when I don’t want to be sometimes, lol . It’s a quality that always persists. I just love to think big and do what’s in my heart!”

– Sarah

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SelfiEsteem Thursday!

Bettye SelfiEsteem

“I was designed with a purpose to encourage and Bless others!”

– Bettye

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SelfiEsteem Wednesday!

SelfiEsteem Craig

“I am a young actor, but I have good chops and great training. It is a blessing to do what I love and get paid for it, even when everything seems to be going awry, it usually work out somehow. I am grateful for my optimism in life.”


Send Brandon your #SelfiEsteem photos and affirmations to What do you Love about YOU?


SelfiEsteem Tuesday!

SelfiEsteem Adwoa

“Publishing my poetry book “Surreptitious Voice” was one of my biggest accomplishments and long term goal. It is a true representation of me and what I strive to continue to be. Once the dream came to life two years ago, I knew I was prepared to use my voice in the way it was meant to be. Now I am here and feeling more present than ever and ready to soar.”



Send Brandon your #SelfiEsteem photos and affirmations to What do you Love about YOU?


Wisdom Wednesday 10/2/14

Wisdom Wednesday Banner


Question #1

Dear Brandon,

How do you set yourself up to grab opportunities when they come?


Dear Opportunist,

I always talk about a spirit of Urgency and Readiness.

But, I will be the first to tell you that I’m not always feeling any of those! Ha However, in order to grab opportunities that come in an instant, you have to be prepared to show up. You have to be present.

You have to be intimately aware of your abilities and have the confidence to perform in them.

So… in order to SET YOURSELF UP for OPPORTUNITIES, you have to first believe that they will come.

Your FAITH in the inevitable is the first course of action. Just BELIEVING will create a list of new steps to get you ready.

Wake Up. Faith Up. Show Up. Work Hard. Be Ready.


Question #2

Dear Brandon,

My family treats me like an outsider just because I’ve been traveling the country to live out my dream. Now that I’m back, I feel left out and useless.

Hi there, Dreamer,

I congratulate you for moving about the country to follow your heart and dreams. It takes a lot of courage

and work to live out any passion! It also requires sacrifice—in your situation—not being able to personally see the evolution of your family is a huge sacrifice.

I am curious as to what your family does that precipitates feelings of being left out and useless. It sounds painful. No one wants to feel useless.

Are you being left out of family activities? Being looked over when it comes to certain responsibilities? What?

I’m not sure about the time period of your absence or the conditions before you left to pursue your dream, but, I am certain that it is natural for all of us to do what is necessary to fill in gaps.

Since your absence, it sounds like your family has created new ways to operate.

They have filled in the space that was left when you decided to leave. They have new roles. Perhaps even new additions to the family.

They have figured out how to maneuver and manage their lives without your physical presence. This is to be expected, however, it may cause unintentional pain.

I will assume that your family loves you dearly and that they don’t intend to hurt you by leaving you out. But for you to understand and get the answers you seek, you need to ask.

If you are feeling useless, discuss with your family your desire to contribute. However, be mindful and don’t expect old roles and old habits to be automatic.

As you have grown and your needs have shifted over time, so too has your family’s.

Expecting things to be the same as before you left is a setup for disappointment.

Be honest about your feelings. Be clear about specific ways you want to be brought back in to the routine of family.

Discuss your desire to be reintegrated. What do you need to feel safe and a part of the family again? Let them know.

Remember though, it’s not just about you.

Make sure that you also pay close attention to the current needs of your family members as well.

Gain an accurate picture of what the family is and what it will be like with you stepping back in.

At the end of the day, if constructive conversation and talks on collaborating on new roles fall short of your expectations— accept it.

Do your best to Love your family as they are and look for new opportunities to show them that you are present with love.

It may be challenging, but you are a dream chaser! You can tackle anything.



Question #3

Why is it so hard to see oneself through other’s eyes. For instance, others might see me as beautiful, intelligent and successful but it is difficult for me to believe that about myself.

I like to say a broken mirror still reflects.

Right now, it sounds like you have some broken pieces that you are trying to mend. I get it.

There are moments in all of our lives that we don’t feel our best. But the great thing is that no matter how we feel, the truth will always stare back at us even if we can’t see it.

People tell you that you are beautiful, intelligent, and successful, because you are. It is evident in the narrative that you live.

Unfortunately, no one can make you believe your own story.

Somewhere, somehow, you stopped listening to the wonderful things that your spirit whispered to you and traded them for the not so pleasant things that sometimes our cruel world feeds us.

I’m not sure of your story, but I do know with practice and diligence, you too can believe the great things you hear about YOU. It’s natural for me to want to tell you that what you believe is nonsense.

But somehow, these negative thoughts make sense to you.

The only way you are going to believe that you are AMAZING is by teaching yourself to recognize the untruths you now believe.

This will take practice and you can do it.

You are a caterpillar in the cocoon of esteem, and with practice, affirmations, and the rejection of untruths, you will soon grow wings and recognize that you were destined to be a butterfly.

Fly, oh beautiful one. Fly!


Question #4

How does one financially prepare and afford to travel for a few months without hurting any current financial obligations?


Hi Future Traveler! Sounds like someone is ready for an adventure! Go YOU!

So with any decision, you have to plan or at the very least assign priorities. If you want to travel, there are a number of things that you must consider. Money as you state is a BIG priority.

If you don’t have a trust or have a tremendous amount of money saved, then you need to start saving.

Otherwise, you have to be creative at finding financial resources. Does that mean you sign up to teach English in a foreign country?

Does that mean you sign up for the Peace Corp?

You have to decide what you are willing to do to get where you want to be.

No matter what decision you make, there will be sacrifices that you have to make.

If you are deciding to save, you may have to slash some budget items.

Perhaps lose the cell phone or stop drinking Starbucks. Do whatever you need to do to save enough to cover bills and your vacation.

Or you can always give up everything and start over when you return.

You make that decision.


Question #5:

 What opens up when you pay attention to your response to what’s happening around you?


Let me tell you the secret to life: It is actually LIVING!

When you open up and pay attention to your responses from the internal and external events around you, your awareness awakens.

And when the act of awareness is taken seriously, it creates and opens up opportunities to make better decisions in your life.

My question for you: What do you want to see? What are you looking to understand?

Keep those questions in the forefront of your brain and you will soon be able to recognize the answers.

But eventually, there comes a point in all of our lives where responding isn’t enough.

At some junction, we must make it a priority to create.

If you have an opportunity, work to create experiences that align with what you seek in life.

Awareness is great. Action always is better.


Have a question for Brandon? Hear what he has to say! Send him an email and he may just answer it on Wisdom Wednesday. 

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